Save the Arctic - Polar family

Save the Arctic - Polar family


Save the Arctic. Model: Polar bear family

Photo: Ranua Zoo

Models: Men and women.

This trendy t-shirt is made of high quality material. The shirt is very suitable as a souvenir/gift for your Finnish or your foreign friend.

Women’s colours: Royal blue

Men’s colours: Royal blue

Size: S, M, L, XL

Designer: Ralf Nature / Ranua Zoo

Polar Bear:

Polar-bear is the respectably handsome king of the expanses of the ice sheet area. Polar-bears live on the Arctic shores and on the ice sheets by the Northern seas. Polar-bears are lonesome wanderers except for the female who cares for her cubs. Unlike the Northern Brown-bears who hibernate during the winter, the Polar-bears are active throughout the winter. Some of the Polar-bears spend their summer following the retreating ice sheet and catching seals while others wander about on the shore getting along mainly by the fat they have stored under their skin during the winter.

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