Save the Arctic, Snowy Owls

Save the Arctic, Snowy Owls


Save the Arctic. Model: Snowy Owls

Save the Arctic:

The spring 2015 the Ranua Wildlife Park started the Pole to Pole Campaign, the greatest goal of this campaign being to teach people around the world how to try and save the nature. Part of the proceeds of every purchased shirt goes to the protection of the endangered polar bear species.

Photo: Ranua Zoo

Models: Men and women.

This trendy t-shirt is made of high quality material. The shirt is very suitable as a souvenir/gift for your Finnish or your foreign friend.

Women’s colours: Navy (in the picture).

Men’s colours: Navy (in the picture)..

Size: S, M, L, XL

Children’s size: 4 (104cm), 6 (116cm), 8 (128cm), 10 (142cm) ja 12 (152cm)

Children’s colours:  Navy

Designer: Ralf Nature / Ranua Zoo

Snowy owl:

The distribution of the Snowy Owl focuses on northern polar regions. Their yearly distribution varies according to availability of food; some years there are no Snowy Owls in Finland, but in years when the lemming population booms, there may be a few dozen couples nesting in the northern Lapland.

Conservation: The Snowy Owl is not listed as an endangered species worldwide, but in Finland it is extremely threatened. This is why the Snowy Owl is protected by nature conservation laws, just like our other owls. Global warming may decrease the population booms of its main source of food, lemmings, which will make it harder for the Snowy Owl to survive.


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