Save the Arctic - Arctic Fox

Save the Arctic - Arctic Fox


Save the Arctic. Model: Arctic Fox

Photo: Ranua Zoo

This trendy t-shirt is made of high quality material. The shirt is very suitable as a souvenir/gift for your Finnish or your foreign friend.

Designer: Ralf Nature / Ranua Zoo

Arctic Fox:

The arctic fox is the most endangered mammalian in Finland. There are less than ten individuals living in Finland and the whole Fennoscandic population, a part of which our arctic foxes are, consists of only 160 - 170 animals. From a global perspective, the arctic fox is not at least yet in great danger, but the genetically differentiated Fennoscandic population is in danger to disappear.

The arctic fox was placed under protection in Finland in 1940, because the excessive hunting drove the species to the verge of extinction. Its current threats include global warming that enables its competitor, the fox, to move into its habitat. In addition to that, the lack of large predators has been perceived to be a part of the problem: the arctic fox would gladly use the remains of larger predators’ prey, as it does when it follows polar bears in the northern glacial areas. Furthermore, slaughtering reindeer in slaughterhouses instead of in the wild has reduced their food supply. Also the population booms of its main source of food, the lemming, have lately been few and far between.


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